I read an email this afternoon from a Christian man who had started reading my websites.

He asked me a question "Can God heal me as much as He has healed you?"         

I thought "how many men have expressed their desprai to me?"

                  "how many male survivors of child sexual  abuse have said to me "it's too hard"

         and so I felt  inspired to write...

  •   to encourage you

  •    to share that I have prayed , asking the Lord to raise up a man annointeed to heal the broken hearted and set the caprives free . Isaiah 61.
  •    to aasure you that you can put your HOPE in God
  •   that I've prayerfull written these web pages as the Lord has given me insights that you may benifit.
  •   yes - the Lord can heal you - His way.  in His time.  using His processes.
  •  recovery is a gradual process    our journey  will most likely differ
  • so I've written these sites to interact with cross links rather than being a set set of steps but with some structure and a sence of direction.
  • there are keys to overcome or work through issues as they arise
  • as we take each step forward, as a traumatic memory is released  we feel a great sence of relief  as if we are healed.   rejoice. enjoy the victory   but when the next issue comes do no be discouraged but hope in God, strategies,  read up   and in God's timing, take the next step forward.
  • I would encourage Christian men to see our recovery process as part of our growth in Christ, as a discipleship process,  rather than something seperate.
  • Romans Chapter 12  says we should renew our minds. I believe that the Lord tells us to renew the memories  from our childhood.   He says "I make all things new"   that includes our robed childhood.  His washing and cleansing  is not just for the sins we have comitted but the sins against us ( including the sexual abuse we were subjected to).  Every time we read promices of the lor's salvation, His redemption of our souls, His deliverance  and more,   we can claim a fulfillment of our recovery.  recovery  - to recover our childhood.
  •  Whilst it is hoped we should encourage eachother, let us not compare ourselves with one another, for the Lord has given each of us our personaliy, our soul and our purpose.  so let us put our eyes on Him and believe Him to do His will in our lives.

      Yes. I believe God does and is restoring men's lives

      God bless