our hearts  were
full of fear
we hid in our cave
but ...
if we open our hearts
to Jesus

His love
casts out fear.

His light shines
into our darkness.  

God Restoring Men's Lives

                                 One saturday afternoon I was in a pub when the Lord prompted me

to talk to a young man sitting nearby. He was smoking,

   had already had quite a few drinks and was gambling.

  We talked about the one sport I really enjoy - water skiing

he said something that I felt to mention that

 I am a survivor of sexual abuse in my childhood.

then he mentioned  that his brother had died a few years earlier.

     no one had comforted him.

when he started smoking and drinking (to console himself)

 he felt further isolation at church.

I sought to comfort him

and we talked about real Christianity,

gutsy Christianity.

like Jesus at the Wedding when He turned water into wine

I saw something that day about what counts

what it should mean to follow Christ.

My friend isspired me to write this page.

    I pray for my friend in his grief and sorrow

   It is my prayer that we will be comforted and encouraged through

my many sites

God restoring Men's lives is a ministry for Christian Men trusting Jesus Christ to restore our lives

as we undertake the journey to recover from:

child sexual abuse

other abuses

grief ( such as the loss of a father or brother )

           the process has many steps and is gradual.   God is gentle.

deal with issues in God's strength as they arise.

Whilst it is right that we should do as Jesus did and forgive

( on the cross, after suffering great and prolonged cruelty

   Jesus said "Father, forgive them. )

   it is true that forfiveness washes away the puss of resentment

           we can do without bitterness or resentment

  forgiveness is not our only response.

     hence I wrote the forgiveness project.

there is diversity in recovery

    hence I also wrote seven steps to revovery

feel free to email feedback toote seven steps to recovery

             During csa we were traumatised.  Trauma release counselling is fairly new,

                    I have found it very helpful.

             Having recognised the issue of trauma

                   I wrote detraumatisation.com


Conditions of GRML

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  • We are a mutual ministry of Christian men
  • We are not a councelling service
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